About Us

With over 3,000 current projects spanning the world, the CAME Urban & Business Solutions designs, creates and manages security and automation systems that meet the highest standards of quality and offer the best solutions for highly complex projects.

Leader for over forty years in the sector of home- and building-automation, CAME S.p.A. is a global point of reference and the preferred partner for those in search of integrated control and security solutions that can fit the diverse needs of public or private environments, high-frequency communal areas, industrial plants or residential complexes. The CAME Urban & Business Solutions specializes in systems engineering, offering not only a full spectrum of highly advanced solutions but also step-by-step customer consultancy from the start to finish of every project. It is our mission to solve every requirement relating to automation, security, access control and parking using the best and most advanced solutions available. We focus on certain key areas, such as: the exclusive and sophisticated monitoring and flow control systems that we have developed over the years; product innovation through the deployment of technologies – the many certifications awarded to CAME attest to our excellence in this area; and the solid reliability of our teams of qualified professionals, who are responsible for developing several Queue Management and Access Control systems that have been internationally adopted as best practices. It was no coincidence that CAME S.p.A. saw off the challenge of several global competitors to become the chosen technology partner of Expo Milano 2015, and successfully managed the 21 million visitors who flocked to the international exhibition.

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