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Perimeter Security



An integrated solution for the management of security and access control to the various levels of a complex of 84,000 square meters housing  a luxury hotel and conference centre.

The project involved the construction of a dedicated control system for the multi-storey car park attached to the complex, the installation of turnstiles to control the differentiated access of staff and guests coming through the main entrance, as well as a system for the regulation of people flows around the different areas of the building.

Newton Plaza needed an installation to control and regulate the various entrances and exits distributed throughout the building (in the parking lot, the hotel, conference centre), and that could combine maximum safety with a streamlined and rapid operation. An essential requirement was that the whole project should be managed by a single operator who would develop a solution, manage the operations of the system, deliver assistance and maintenance and minimize the time lost to repair work, while all the time maintaining strict client confidentiality and discretion.

The solution used involved:

  • an automated system for the multi-storey car park, equipped with video recording devices for status checks of incoming vehicles and the detection of any damage occurring during manoeuvres;
  • an automatic-barrier system able to distinguish customer from staff vehicles and speed up access;
  • equipping entrance points with with devices capable interacting with mobile devices and reading QR codes;
  • automated gates arranged in series for the regulated access to areas of the complex by different types of users.

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