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On-street parking solutions for historic center of Madrid


The project resulted in the complete renovation of the parking meters in the historic centre of Madrid and the creation of a single platform for their centralized management. The 1,500 parking meters, all powered by solar energy, offer a variety of payment choices.

The City Council of Madrid, needing to renew the parking meters of the historic centre, all made by the same manufacturer and posing technological problems, resolved to use three different manufacturers for the new terminals (parking meters) but to link them all to a single control system that could also handle payments via mobile devices.

As part of a strategic plan for the improvement of air quality in the historical centre, the Council also wanted to introduce a system that penalized parking during peak periods and rewarded eco-friendly vehicles.

The approximately 1,500 parking meters are mobile-payment enabled and equipped with NFC technology for the validation of bank cards or rechargeable proximity cards by which users can check their credit balance in real time.

A specially-designed centralized platform handles all the connected terminals, even if made by different manufacturers, which enables the dynamic pricing of parking according to the environmental impact of the vehicle. Particular attention was paid to the reduction of energy consumption through the use of solar energy and to keeping the need to maintain the batteries to the bare minimum.

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