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Stadium Nieciecza, Poland

Nieciecza, Poland

The football team based in Nieciecza, Poland – Brut Brek, which plays in the Polish first division – recently built a 5000-capacity stadium. The client wanted to be able to manage entry access to the stadium, while allowing free-flowing exit after events are over.

The Stadium has four main external entrances, plus other internal entry points to restricted areas. To ensure the highest level of access security and control, a 120° aperture turnstile was selected, allowing just one person at a time to pass through and have their tickets and/or ID badge checked. Once the event is over, the turnstiles are released to allow unfettered passage, ensuring that exiting the stadium is a free-flowing exercise. To allow access and exit for the differently-abled and to ensure security during emergencies, every turnstile is equipped with a clear opening, anti-panic system door. G4000 barriers were installed to manage vehicular access gateways.

All CAME-supplied hardware was integrated into the existing access control system, without causing any delays to the entire system’s operation.

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